Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White & Silver Ballroom Scarves

There is a really fun sparkly yarn available from Spotlight called Moda Vera Ballroom. The problem? It's usually $8.99 for a 50 gram ball. That's a little bit rich for me, especially for an unknown, potentially "disastrous-to-work-with" ball of yarn.

It's always looked quite intriguing and I've been eyeing it off every time I go to Spotlight, but it's never been on sale... until recently! Back in May, Ballroom was FINALLY on sale - time to play :)
I'm not really a bling/sparkly kind of person, but I thought my younger nieces might each enjoy a sparkly scarf. I bought two balls of the white with silver Ballroom. I was able to squeeze one scarf out of each 50 gram ball for a total of two scarves. They were a quite skinny (which I liked), but a bit shorter than I would have preferred. Luckily they were for kids :)

I just made the scarfs out of a loose double crochet to help show off the silver sparkles of the yarn and give the blingy bits room to shine through.

I forgot to take any pictures of the actual scarves, but fortunately I snapped this pic of Niece10 modelling one of them.

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