Saturday, June 5, 2010

Some More Hats & Scarfs

Sometime between Christmas and May, I'm not really sure when, I whipped up a few more doll hats and scarfs for my nieces American Girl dolls. Can't forget the fluffy/furry stuff for the trim!

The top one was made with a yellow, green and white acrylic from Carnival and trimmed with some white fun fur.

The second is brown acrylic, Carnival again I think, trimmed with some brown and red fun fur.

The third one is made from red striped Carnival acrylic, trimmed with red eyelash yarn.

Nice, fun, quick & easy projects that are great for using those last little bits of a ball of yarn.


  1. another message from my katie:

    I like the middle one because it was pretty and because the clothes are really fashionable. I love you xxooxxoo

  2. Thank you, Katie!!! :) I really like Mathilda's outfit, too (that's the doll's name). You should see her shoes... super cute purple UGG boots!