Friday, October 31, 2008

Purple & Gray Days

Another hat and scarf set for my nieces' dolls. This one with mittens!
For their birthday doll items, I made a set of mittens with string in the middle. Unfortunately I made them a little too small so I thought I'd try again. These mittens have some stretchy elastic under the cuff of the "wristband." I tried to make them on the bigger side so they would fit the dolls' hands, and added the elastic, in case they were TOO big.

These were made with some 8 ply acrylic as well as some gray "hope" yarn around the edges for some fluffy softness. I ran out of the gray fluffy stuff when I was almost finished with the hat. I added the three little crocheted flowers near the brim to help disguise the fact that I ran out of the fluffy stuff! :) It was a happy accident because I quite like the result.

Once again, my good old friend Mandy, although 2/3 the size of the doll these are intended for, is a good sport and standing in as a model once again. What a good dolly! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Citrus Sunshine Doll Beanie & Scarf

Two of my nieces LOVE their American Girl dolls. For their birthdays this year, I made some crochet items for their dolls and they were a big hit. Don't you just love it when your work is appreciated? :)
I've been working on making a few more things for their dolls for Christmas. This particular set is made from a fun "citrus" coloured variegated yarn (Carnival). One of my nieces told me that they "especially love the furry and fuzzy stuff" so I've made sure to include it in the doll projects. I finished this beanie and hat off with a fun "flurry" yarn.
Both the doll scarf and beanie I just improvised as I went along. I have some measurements for the American Girl dolls so I just try to make sure they will fit.

The doll modelling is my old childhood doll "My Friend Mandy." She is probably about 2/3 the size of an American Girl doll so the items are all a bit too big for her.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jewel Tone Stripes and Stripes Forever Scarf

The colours for this scarf were very loosely inspired by an outfit Cameron Diaz wore at a red carpet appearance. This scarf started out as an "easy" project to be a good girl and use up some of my stash and little bits of remaining wool. Primarily speaking, the turquoise colour that appears in the scarf.

I had, what I assumed to be, about a quarter of a skein of the turquoise wool left which I thought would be plenty to make the three rows of sc needed for this pattern. As it turned out, I only had enough for two rows, and truly, just barely at that. If the scarf had even be two or three stitches longer, I wouldn't have had enough. At this point, I was really loving the colour combination and didn't want to have to go another route.

Over the next several weeks, I went to every Spotlight I could find to try and get more of the turquoise colour wool. Nobody had any!!! I was absolutely crushed and so terribly disappointed. Some projects you just get more attached to than others, and I was quite attached to this one.

Thanks to some wonderfully kind and generous people on Ravelry, I was able to get a bit more of the right wool. Unfortunately not having the ball band for the partial skein anymore, I could only guess at the colour. I was able to purchase two balls from one kind-hearted soul, only to have it arrive and find out it was the wrong colour.

Another amazingly generous person sent me as much as she could fit in a standard 55 cent envelope and it ended up being a perfect match. Yippee!

Two days after I was finished making the scarf, I make a quick stop into a Spotlight to find something else, and wouldn't you know it, they had more of the teal/turquoise wool! LOL I had to buy 3 skeins while it was there... just in case! Pluse I do like these colours together and may make this scarf again for someone else.

I was originally intending for this scarf to be a Christmas gift for someone, but I'm just too darn attached to it now, I'll have to keep it for myself. But now that I've found more of the turquoise, I think I'll make another one.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crochet Pink Ribbons

In honour of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
I have crocheted these two different versions of a pink ribbon.
Hello and welcome to my blog! I've finally entered the 'aughts!