Thursday, October 30, 2008

Citrus Sunshine Doll Beanie & Scarf

Two of my nieces LOVE their American Girl dolls. For their birthdays this year, I made some crochet items for their dolls and they were a big hit. Don't you just love it when your work is appreciated? :)
I've been working on making a few more things for their dolls for Christmas. This particular set is made from a fun "citrus" coloured variegated yarn (Carnival). One of my nieces told me that they "especially love the furry and fuzzy stuff" so I've made sure to include it in the doll projects. I finished this beanie and hat off with a fun "flurry" yarn.
Both the doll scarf and beanie I just improvised as I went along. I have some measurements for the American Girl dolls so I just try to make sure they will fit.

The doll modelling is my old childhood doll "My Friend Mandy." She is probably about 2/3 the size of an American Girl doll so the items are all a bit too big for her.

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  1. Hi Elle, it's cat. I have a pattern on my blog for a 17 inch doll you could use, just add a couple of more rows than the pattern says, here is my link, oh and I love what you are doing with the doll clothes.