Sunday, April 12, 2009

Three 12 inch Squares

I was asked to make a 12 inch square to contribute to a special blanket. I was watching TV one evening, got a little carried away, and ended up making three instead.

The first is in an interesting Carnival variegated with different shades of blue and white from a pattern called Arches by Dayna Audirsch.

I also wanted to use some of the "eyelash" art yarns, and ended up making two traditional granny square style squares (since the gaps make it less difficult to use the art yarn). One was in turquoise blue/green with nearly identical eyelash yarn.

The second one was in a soft blue with a variegated eyelash yarn with different shades of blue and white (which you can't really see in the pictures).

I'm excited to see the finished blanket when it is done - it is going to a very deserving recipient!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Niece 9's Birthday Shawl

I recently finished a shawl for my 9 year old niece. Her birthday is August 12th (aka - 8-12). I used her birthday as a guide for my row changes. I used an eyelash yarn from the Palette Collection in Wisteria (a lovely shade of purple) as well as some Moda Vera Wisp yarn in a lavender and silver colour.

So I had 8 rows of eyelash, 1 row of wisp, and 2 rows of eyelash. I then reversed it... 8 rows of wisp, 1 row of eyelash and 2 rows of wisp. And then back to the original set of 8 rows of eyelash, 1 row of wisp and 2 rows of eyelash.

I am so happy with how well the purple's match and I'm so pleased that the set of three repeats gave me a perfectly sized shawl for my niece. It is super soft and squishy - exactly what a shawl should be.

I have now started on a similar one for Niece 6 (who's birthday is May 31, aka 5-31, therefore 5 rows, 3 rows, 1 row, repeat twice).
These will be the first crocheted items I will be able to give my nieces in person (the rest have been posted or delivered by someone else). I am really looking forward to seeing their reactions to their shawls. I know how excited I'd have been at their ages to get something like that!