Friday, April 3, 2009

Niece 9's Birthday Shawl

I recently finished a shawl for my 9 year old niece. Her birthday is August 12th (aka - 8-12). I used her birthday as a guide for my row changes. I used an eyelash yarn from the Palette Collection in Wisteria (a lovely shade of purple) as well as some Moda Vera Wisp yarn in a lavender and silver colour.

So I had 8 rows of eyelash, 1 row of wisp, and 2 rows of eyelash. I then reversed it... 8 rows of wisp, 1 row of eyelash and 2 rows of wisp. And then back to the original set of 8 rows of eyelash, 1 row of wisp and 2 rows of eyelash.

I am so happy with how well the purple's match and I'm so pleased that the set of three repeats gave me a perfectly sized shawl for my niece. It is super soft and squishy - exactly what a shawl should be.

I have now started on a similar one for Niece 6 (who's birthday is May 31, aka 5-31, therefore 5 rows, 3 rows, 1 row, repeat twice).
These will be the first crocheted items I will be able to give my nieces in person (the rest have been posted or delivered by someone else). I am really looking forward to seeing their reactions to their shawls. I know how excited I'd have been at their ages to get something like that!

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  1. this looks so snuggly... I wouldn't mind one myself tonight... brrrr... cool weather is definitely here!