Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aaron's Blanket

A dear friend's best friend has a little four year old boy with cancer (Ewings Sarcoma). With the help of several lovely ladies from Ravelry's Crochet Lovers Victoria, we were able to make him a blanket in green and yellow (which I'm told are his favourite colours). Some of the ladies also made Aaron some cute cuddle toys and hats!

Many, many, many, many thanks to Cathy, Dawn, Daphne, Tess, Sharon, Lyn, Julie and Michelle for all of your help! (aka: CRC, DawnieDear, HappyPeacock, KingsvilleTess, LaughingPurple, lyndymb, Shilo and Yarnplay67)


  1. ohhh qué bonita!! espero que Aaron la disfrute mucho, y que los buenos sentimientos con los que está hecha sirvan para que se recupere de su enfermedad.

  2. I believe this is now in the post and off to Aaron, I can't wait to hear about his response!

  3. looking good... thanks for joining it for us :)

  4. Wonerful! This is a nice act of kindness!