Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jewel Tone Stripes and Stripes Forever Scarf

The colours for this scarf were very loosely inspired by an outfit Cameron Diaz wore at a red carpet appearance. This scarf started out as an "easy" project to be a good girl and use up some of my stash and little bits of remaining wool. Primarily speaking, the turquoise colour that appears in the scarf.

I had, what I assumed to be, about a quarter of a skein of the turquoise wool left which I thought would be plenty to make the three rows of sc needed for this pattern. As it turned out, I only had enough for two rows, and truly, just barely at that. If the scarf had even be two or three stitches longer, I wouldn't have had enough. At this point, I was really loving the colour combination and didn't want to have to go another route.

Over the next several weeks, I went to every Spotlight I could find to try and get more of the turquoise colour wool. Nobody had any!!! I was absolutely crushed and so terribly disappointed. Some projects you just get more attached to than others, and I was quite attached to this one.

Thanks to some wonderfully kind and generous people on Ravelry, I was able to get a bit more of the right wool. Unfortunately not having the ball band for the partial skein anymore, I could only guess at the colour. I was able to purchase two balls from one kind-hearted soul, only to have it arrive and find out it was the wrong colour.

Another amazingly generous person sent me as much as she could fit in a standard 55 cent envelope and it ended up being a perfect match. Yippee!

Two days after I was finished making the scarf, I make a quick stop into a Spotlight to find something else, and wouldn't you know it, they had more of the teal/turquoise wool! LOL I had to buy 3 skeins while it was there... just in case! Pluse I do like these colours together and may make this scarf again for someone else.

I was originally intending for this scarf to be a Christmas gift for someone, but I'm just too darn attached to it now, I'll have to keep it for myself. But now that I've found more of the turquoise, I think I'll make another one.


  1. I really like the colour mix you have in the scarf. It looks great, welcome to the land of 'blog' lol

  2. I was going to be so organised this christmas... I started the year well, but then gave things away to people when their birthdays came around... and now have nothing left to give them for christmas... arghhh... I need to get organised!

    I say keep the scarf... and don't feel bad about it :)

  3. cat - picture of me? Well the top one is Cameron Diaz LOL - and the the hurried photo with wet hair ponytail hair before rushing out the door to work is me, yes. Made sure to put a buffer photo between Cam and myself :))