Friday, October 31, 2008

Purple & Gray Days

Another hat and scarf set for my nieces' dolls. This one with mittens!
For their birthday doll items, I made a set of mittens with string in the middle. Unfortunately I made them a little too small so I thought I'd try again. These mittens have some stretchy elastic under the cuff of the "wristband." I tried to make them on the bigger side so they would fit the dolls' hands, and added the elastic, in case they were TOO big.

These were made with some 8 ply acrylic as well as some gray "hope" yarn around the edges for some fluffy softness. I ran out of the gray fluffy stuff when I was almost finished with the hat. I added the three little crocheted flowers near the brim to help disguise the fact that I ran out of the fluffy stuff! :) It was a happy accident because I quite like the result.

Once again, my good old friend Mandy, although 2/3 the size of the doll these are intended for, is a good sport and standing in as a model once again. What a good dolly! :)