Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Kool-Aid Dyeing

Sunday mornings seem to be a good day for my microwave dyeing. My husband dislikes the smell of the cooking wool, so I can "stink up the house" while he is away at the fire brigade. :)

This past Sunday I did some more Kool-Aid dyeing... this time with the "real" stuff. I dyed 50 grams each of orange, lemon-lime and strawberry. I used two packets per 50 grams of wool. Here are the results I got...

I'm happy with how the colours came out. And as always with Kool-Aid dyeing, you get the added bonus of a fainty yummy fruity smell at the end.


  1. Hi :)

    Just wondering, are you using kool-aid the drink to dye yarn? And if so does it work? who came up with that idea?

  2. Yes! The little tiny envelopes that you can buy at the grocery store (see photos, above). The one that, when you are using it as a drink mix, you have to add sugar to it. NOT the one that already has sugar in it. If you use the one with the sugar in it, you will end up with a great big sticky mess :(

    I don't know who came up with the idea, but there are lots of great tutorials on the internet if you do a search for kool aid dyeing. It makes sense when you think about it though... I know I always seemed to have a permanent koolaid "moustache" when I was growing up - there must be some powerful dyes in there.

    I especially love that it is completely safe to use, no horrible chemicals to deal with. And you can use the same bowls, microwave, etc that you already have in your kitchen, without contaminating anything.