Thursday, July 1, 2010


My apologies to Lion Brand, it’s not the pattern… it’s me. I really really stink at making amigurumi. In fact, I should be banned from doing so again in the future.

This “creature” started out as a giraffe, and then ended up looking like some weird monkey-like creature… I have therefore renamed him “Girkey” (pronounced Jerky).

I made this for a swap partner who likes amigurumi and giraffes, but dislikes the colour brown. I thought I’d be clever and make it for her in one of her favourite colours… purple. That was my first mistake.

After I’d completely finished the body, I realised that it wasn’t looking very giraffe-like. It seems I’d forgotten to do rows 14-25 (aka “the neck”). Second mistake.

I was running out of time to finish and get this posted off in time, so I decided to make my own decorations/embellishments and turn it into a slighly different creature. Yep. That was my third mistake.

And the fourth and worst mistake of all? The face. I really don’t have the knack for making cute faces. My husband wasn’t lucky enough to see this “creation” in person, but when I showed him the photos he remarked “That looks like something out of some poor kid’s nightmare.” Under other circumstances I may have been insulted, but unfortunately he was 100% right.


  1. I almost never sew any faces if I can get away with it. Saftey eyes save me hours of headaches. I hate making the eyes and the noses. I redid a Lion Brand Wolf just so I could use a plastic nose to avoid sewing one. I understand your pain.

  2. Good tips for the future Bailey - even though I've promised myself I would never make amigurumi again! LOL I know I'll probably forget how terrible I am at it though in a few months and I'll end up trying it again (accompanied by much frustration and possibly a few @#$@#$ words or tears). :)