Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pink, purple & pumpkin

Back in September? or October? when I was being a really good girl and getting a nice earlier start on my Christmas presents, I made my sister a scarf and beret. I chose a pretty pumpkin colour (it is not "orange" like it looks in the photos) to go with her warm colouring.

I decided I'd make my nieces similiar style scarfs to match their mum's so all "the girls" would have the same.

I'm intending, time permitting, to also make the girls berets as well, in the same colour as the outside shell borders of their scarfs.

If you look closely I wove in the darker outside colour through the middle of the scarf. I was quite pleased with this idea (go me!) as I think it gives it a more finished look. (Not to be mistaken with Finnish from Finlad - ha! ha!).


  1. Oh, they are all lovely. Where did you get the beret pattern? Cat. CRC.

  2. Hi Cat,

    Thanks! For the beret, I didn't have a pattern - just winged it. Essentially made a circle until it was slightly bigger than my head, then started decreasing in subsequent rows until it was about the right size (and just a tiny bit tight since my sister's head isn't as big as mine). Then did a few rows of SC to finish it off.

  3. Oh I just love the idea of weaving the colour through the centre!! It looks fantastic !!

  4. good move weaving the colour through... it brings the whole look together nicely... perfect