Saturday, November 8, 2008

2 Bizarre 4 the Car

Several months ago, when I was pretty new to crochet, I boughtsome wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make a blanket for me car. Unfortunately, I severely underestimated how much I would need. What I've done so far will need to be repurposed for something else now.

A new Spotlight opened up last week and I was able to pick up some Cleckheaton's "Vintage Hues" wool for the wonderful bargain price of $1.29 a ball. I think I originally put 18 -20 in my basket, but I think some fell out and I ended up with 16. A good number though.

Some of the other colourways of this wool were going for $5.99 per ball, so I'm gonna take a wild guess that this colour wasn't selling so well. It's an "interesting" combination of purples, yellows and a little bit of green. There's something about it that is kind of ugly, but for some reason I am drawn to it anyway.
Well, for the price I couldn't pass it up, and picked it up to work on a blanket for the car. It's wool so it should be nice and durable, and with the "odd" colour combinations, you shouldn't really be able to notice if it gets a little dirty in the car.

As I'm starting to work with it, it is growing on me a bit more. I've made three squares (of 10 rounds each), and it's quite interesting how different all three of the squares have turned out - from where the colours happen to fall. Right now I'm getting one square per ball (with a bit leftover) so I am planning to make 16 squares all together for a 4x4 blanket.

I know I just finished making the granny square baby blanket, but I thought the granny square format would show off the different colours well, and seeing it is kind of a heavy wool, I thought the nice open granny square pattern would keep it from being too heavy or hot.

My goal is to have this finished by the end of the year - just in time for summer - ha! ha!