Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 - Let's Get it Started. Crocheting for Charity

To get 2012 started on the right foot, I decided to focus on some crafting for others. Dawniedear, a Ravelry friend, does most of her knitting and crochet for charity, including an organisation that provides hats, etc, to the homeless.

I challenged myself to make at least 5 beanies for Dawn's charity before the 1st of March. While I was at it, I posed the challenge to the other members of Crochet Lovers Victoria on Ravelry. I'm happy to report many of the members have taken up the challenge with me! Some are making one or two beanies as they can, some taking the 5 beanie challenge, and some surpassing that number as well.

I did some stash diving and came up with yarn that was not slated for other projects and got to work. I was able to make 7 beanies by the March 1st deadline I set for myself. Some of them aren't the prettiest, but will go to helping keep some people warm during those cold Melbourne winter months.

Beanie #1Beanie #2
Beanie #3 Beanie #4

Beanie #5Beanie #6 Beanie#7

Another Ravelry friend, mareeknowscraft, is organising some blankets for donation to a nursing home in Eltham that was flooded out in the Christmas Day flood / hailstorm. Since I was already on a charity role...

The wool for this blanket was donated to me, and I decided to make it into a zig zag blanket. I just finished sewing in all the ends yesterday (my least favourite job), and now it is all ready to be taken to the home.


  1. I have met Dawniedear at a crochet meetup in Melton a few years ago and she was such a sweetheart. Love the ripple blanket too.

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, Dawniedear is the best! Thanks - I'm qutie fond of the ripple blanket, too. Glad it will be going to good use.

  3. Hi! I love the ripple! Except for the final end of a piece and the first few rounds of a granny, I haven't had to bother weaving in ends for years. What I do is just leave at least a three inch tail (from both the old and the new yarns), hold them together and crochet over both ends. Works great!

  4. Are you no longer posting to your blog? If not, I'll remove it from my list of blogs I follow. I sure hope you're not finished with it. Love the things you've done and shared.