Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bigger Than I Thought

Wow, the R2D2 blanket is going to be a bit bigger than I thought. My calculations, based on 2 inch squares, had the blanket at approximately 3.5 feet wide by 5.3 feet tall - and that's before adding the border.

Well, my squares all must be a smidge bigger than 2 inches as the blanket is currently 6' 8" tall - zoinks! That'll bring it to over 7 feet by the time the border is added on. I guess there's no need for me to worry about him growing out of it :)

R2D2 update... 180 squares made, of which 160 have been assembled. 418 squares left to go.


  1. Oh my GosH I have to start off by saying that I think you are so talented & have an enormous amount of creativity!! Keep up the wonderful work Elle :) The reason I'm commenting is because I happened to be looking up crochet work on the internet google images for a few items (Hat's) my Aunt's making & noticed your work so clicked into your site, when I saw your pink ribbons said ~ how ironic I'm walking in the 3 day walk this year in Phoexin, Az (November) in honor & memory of my dear wonderful Mother whom I miss with all my heart & for all the women & men who have or will here the words "You have Breast Cancer" I'm walk for them... my Aunt & Niece made similar pink crocheted ribbons for me to hand to anyone who makes a donation at the fundraisers we will be doing... Hey It's all for a Great CAUSE right & this shows how appreciative we are for everyone to donate to help me reach my goal!! Anyway enjoyed taking a look at the products you make very lovely work~ keep it up.
    Best Wishes,
    Donna ~3 Day Walker in 2010~

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, Donna! All the best on your walk! :)