Sunday, February 21, 2010

Twin Pink Doll Cardigans & Berets

When speaking to Niece10 on the phone a few weeks back, I asked her if she had any special requests in the way of doll clothes/items. She said that she would love a set of something matching so that she and her friend could dress their dolls alike. Here are the results...

These were made with Carnival 8ply acrylic in a variegated pink colourway with a 4mm hook. It took about 150 grams to complete the two sets (1.5 balls). The berets are just improvised and the cardigans are from the pattern Premie Angel Shell Sweater by Beth Parson.


  1. I love the idea of making matching clothes for the kids' dolls. I will have to ask about that doing that. Thanks for the idea. The sweater set is beautiful.

  2. Recently gave this to my niece and she was very excited. She couldn't wait to share them with her friend. :) I may have to do a few more matching items in the future.